CalABLE Quarterly

January 2020
Dante Allen
Dante Allen
Executive Director

From the Director

The CalABLE Quarterly was created for you, our account holders, to give you a sense of the impact you helped make in 2019. I would like to start by saying, thank you. Launching the CalABLE program would not have been possible without your support, and for that I am grateful. Below, you will get a glimpse of the program’s history, as well as the good work accomplished this year. I hope it inspires in you the same sense of pride I feel as we strive to fulfill our mission.

In this Issue

The Board

Comprised of seven dedicated and accomplished professionals, the CalABLE Board’s trustees have expertise in private, non-profit, and corporate sectors. Their combined professional experience totals over 180 years in a range of strategic institutions from local and federal government, to an array of disability advocacy and service organizations, as well as finance, business, and public administration. CalABLE board members have influenced policy and legislation in their respective neighborhoods, and across the globe. In short, the disability community has a legendary board of champions working on their behalf.

Looking Back

As I reflect on CalABLE’s storied history, I am proud of what has occurred and what has been achieved, with a keen awareness of what still must be done to ensure that all Californians with disabilities share in the prosperity of this state.

Reaching Out

I am proud of our outreach efforts as a means of sharing with the community the attributes and opportunities associated with CalABLE.

AchievABLE Corner

Where can you go to get answers to questions like, who can contribute to my account? Do I have qualified expenses? How do I access my money? How can I grow my investment?

The Number One Question...

You may be wondering if you can use CalABLE funds to pay for your trip to the beach this summer or your family reunion in the mountains this winter. The answer is yes!

Care to Share

The National Disability Institute reports that more than one quarter of Americans with disabilities live in poverty. They also confirm that people with disabilities are nearly three times more likely to have difficulty paying bills and could not come up with $2,000 in an emergency. For these reasons, it is vital that we share CalABLE with the disability community.