Free Downloadable Resources from CalABLE

Opening a CalABLE account allows those living with disabilities to invest in the future and help preserve federal benefits like SSI.

Below are a range of customized resources to help people living with disabilities, their families, and those who serve and support them to better understand the benefits and value of opening a CalABLE account.

All the resources partners need to get started with CalABLE. Download this if you are a family member, legal representative, educator, social worker, advocate, accountant, financial advisor, or work in any organization or industry that supports and advocates for those living with disabilities. It includes, in one handy and easy-to-follow guide, everything you’ll need to understand and get started with CalABLE.

CalABLE and Empowerment (PDF)

How CalABLE empowers people with disabilities in multiple ways. Download this if you are hoping to educate someone about the benefits and value of CalABLE.

CalABLE and Basic Needs Fact Sheet (PDF)

How CalABLE supports the day to day needs of account holders. Download this if you work with populations that receive food and employment benefits.

CalABLE and Education Fact Sheet (PDF)

How CalABLE can be used for education expenses – or as a rollover from a 529 plan. Download this if you support someone who is pursuing education, or has money saved to pursue education that they would like to transfer to CalABLE.

CalABLE and Working Fact Sheet (PDF)

How CalABLE can empower those who work to save more. Download this if you are advising someone who is seeking employment or is already employed.

CalABLE and Health Fact Sheet (PDF)

How CalABLE can support the health and wellbeing of account holders. Download this if you work in healthcare or health services.

Contributing and Withdrawing from Your CalABLE Account Fact Sheet (PDF)

How to contribute to your account, and access your funds, and utilize tools like e-gifting and a prepaid Visa card. Download this if you are a prospective account holder, family member, accountant or a financial advisor to those living with disabilities.

How CalABLE works guide (PDF)

A short overview of how to open an account, with the different investment or savings options available to account holders.

Program Disclosure Statement in English (PDF) and in Spanish (PDF)

To be used alongside all promotion of the CalABLE program.

Rollover Form (PDF)

Use this form if you want to roll over money from a different ABLE or 529 college saving program account to a CalABLE account.

CalABLE Logos (ZIP)

Download CalABLE Logos.