Below, meet some of the individuals who plan to take advantage of CalABLE.

Young man in sunglasses driving a boat with an older man standing in the passenger side.

Meet Tyler Schutz

Tyler is 21 and was born with a rare condition called Kabuki Syndrome that has resulted in partial blindness and severe hearing loss, as well as heart, kidney and muscular skeletal abnormalities. Tyler has had 15 surgeries, with the last one costing over $22,000.

Despite his disability, Tyler has just started his third year at city college majoring in video film production, and is also doing a paid internship with a video film production company with the help of the San Diego Regional Center.

"Having a CalABLE account will help Tyler finally save money for all his medical and living expenses while also teaching him how to plan long-term for his career and future, just as you and I are able to do," says Angelina Neglia, Tyler's mom. "The CalABLE program opens the door to life's possibilities for Tyler."

Angelina Neglia
Mother of Tyler Schutz
San Diego, CA

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Meet Amelia Reyes

"I want Amelia to have money in her name, like her brothers already can. A CalABLE account helps prepare her for living life on her terms, and even her great-grandma can help her save."

Kelly Kulzer-Reyes
Mother to Amelia
Pine Mountain Club, CA

Smiling young woman with glasses.

Meet Gabby Prieto

Gabby is 17 years old and was born with Down syndrome. Gabby is a junior at her local high school and plans on going to college and pursing a job in the field of first responder work. Gabby wants to live a life where she helps others. She plans on living on her own and having a family.

Having a CalABLE account will help Gabby finally save money for all her living expenses while she pursues a job in her chosen field. These are things that you and I take for granted and yet so much thought, planning and research needs to go into it for Gabby. The CalABLE program makes things like saving for a home possible.

Heather Scott
Gabby's Mother
Roseville, CA